Innovation is everybody’s business.

Let's play the innovation game.

Innovation in your DNA.

We help FinTechs of all sizes to become more innovative through open and collaborative models of innovation.

Together with our partner Nosco, we create a variety of innovation activities to foster an innovative work culture and curate the best ideas to reality.

When the leadership truly commits to innovation, we can help you to implement it deeply in the DNA of your organization.

Innovation Challenge

Involve everybody in your organization around a key challenge and wait for the magic of collective ideation to unfold. 

Motivated employees will look for new solutions, which will be polished and matured along the process. The best ideas will make it to the grande finale and become a reality.

Done right, an innovation challenge will create business impact and leave an unforgettable experience for your people.

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Innovation Campaign

An innovation campaigns wants to solve a puzzle within a business unit or between business units.

We believe many challenges that result friction in your company can be transformed into something positive.

All it takes is the true will to solve it.

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Flipmode Workshops

Yes, we do workshops too.
Outside the world of boredom.
Inside the world of curiosity.

Result driven, aiming to create excitement about the challenge ahead.

Are you ready to Flipmode?