Here comes the part where we speak about ourselves and smile into the camera.

Flipmode is the creative strategists squad on the mission to boost your business to the next level.

We are true experts in the FinT
Our specialty: challenging the status quo, spotting potential, connecting the dots and creating opportunities.

Whatever we do, we do it with ambition, curiosity, determination and joy. Let's be honest, work is not always joy, especially when you think about hiring consultant. You can rely on our positive spirit from pitch day to deadline day, but be careful, our energy can be contagious at times.

Do we believe in the power of methods, processes and efficiency? Hell yes! Our work is inspired by frameworks such as The Lean Scale Up or The Loop Approach.

Our journey to genius solutions is sparked by powerful and personal collaboration with our clients. 

Oh, did we mention that we love challenges? We love it all:  the struggle along the path, and of course, the feeling of reaching the next level for you. So bring it on!

Who is playing next level with you?
Kilian Raczek
Moritz Schreier
Christian Reindl
Jannis Riesz

Our partners in crime that may serve you some next level magic with us.

Things we'll gladly do for a little bit of your budget.
Pitch decks that rock and roll.
Host workshops outside of boredom.
Run innovation campaigns
Brand (re-)positioning without the bs.
Check if a country needs what you got.
Rapid prototyping development
Market research as it should be.
Build damn good landing pages
Challenge strategies with our work
Matching partners better than Tinder.
Run funky validation campaigns
Build MVP’s that succeed, or not.
Meet Jannis at the MPE 2023 in Berlin, where he will be a proud judge for the awards.
Are you ready to Flipmode?