Next Level

Supporting FinTechs in a holistic, collaborative and effective way.

Boost your business
into the next level.

We help FinTechs & Payment Organizations in brand strategy,
new market entries and innovation challenges.

Let us be your partner in challenging the status quo, spotting potential and connecting the dots.

Projects we really enjoyed.

Your next level.

Achieving the next level is different for every organization.

And we are curious to find out what it means to you.

We know it takes hard work and a lot of expertise to get there. So we can be a helpful hand along your journey.

No resource, no problem.

If there only was somebody to cover this super important project that needs to get done by yesterday? 

No worries, Flipmode got you covered.

We take some burden away from your plate and run new market, product innovation, sales or marketing projects for and with you.

Challenge accepted.

We strive for true collaboration, to connect our minds right and bring a holistic perspective into the game.

Our work affects more than what’s right in front of us, we know almost everything is connected. 

Let us be clear, effectiveness is a key principle for two of your most valuable assets - budget and time.

ABOUT Flipmode

Case Study - Enter the EU with high impact.

We had the honor to work with the rising FinTech start GoHenry on its ambition growth plan to make every kid smart with money.

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