The new market quest.

We guide you smart and smooth into new markets.

A new market playbook

We work with a 10-step process to make a new market entry as smooth as possible, but be prepared that there can always be turbulences.

Our team of experts with deep and practical market expertise, knowledge of the mentality and local market environment to expand your business to new countries.

If you want to take your business to or from Germany, we like it both ways.

Where are you moving to? 

The first step is to deeply understand your strategy, your business model, your work culture and what your current plans in internationalization is.

Only then, we can take on our next level journey into new markets.

What's our take

In our work, we evaluate the size of opportunity, truly validate the market demand, go deep into the world of competition and face zones of uncertainty.

We are highly aware that your people's time is super valuable, so our goal is always to only leave minimal traces of disturbance.

But our traces will for sure create excitement of what's next.

Flipmode Workshops

Yes, we do workshops too. Outside the world of boredom.Inside the world of curiosity.

Result driven, aiming to create excitement about the challenge ahead.

Are you ready to Flipmode?