We are the creative strategists squad with the mission to boost your business.

We are true experts in business development and digital product innovation for the world of payment and fintech.

We specialize in challenging the status quo, spotting potential, connecting the dots and creating opportunities.

Whatever we do, we do it with passion, ambition, curiosity, determination, and a strong sense of leadership, loyalty and trust. 

Our work is inspired by frameworks such as The Lean Scale Up, New Work and The Loop Approach. Do we believe in the power of methods, processes and efficiency? Hell yes!

What we also believe in are the Wow-moments, creative energy and genius solutions that are sparked by powerful and personal collaboration with our clients. 

Oh, did we mention that we love challenges? We love it all:  the struggle along the path to the next level, and of course, the joy of succeeding. So bring it on!

Meet the team.
Kilian Raczek
Moritz Schreier
Christian Reindl
Jannis Riesz
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