Flipmode Ventures

We create interesting alliances in the startup space.  The spirit of new ideas, the energy behind the founders, visions that create change for the better. This is what we truly love and where we sparr  like no other.


The kopplr platform allows merchants to access a wide range of commerce-enabling functionalities and allows acquirers, banks, and marketplaces to provide payment and value-added services to merchants..



yappyBuy helps small to medium sized online businesses to optimize and customize the checkout experience for their customers. Using yappyBuy merchants can increase their checkout conversion by up to 60%.


Coaching Area

Coaching Area is taking the digital experience to a new level -  connect with coaches around the world, save plenty of time with administrative stuff and access to highest quality training content from around the world.


Hammock Art

Our cooperation with Hammock Art from Thailand is truly special. Hammock Art is a cooperative between various Thai Tribes weaving the most comfortable hammocks on earth in very unique designs.