The next level platform to drive engagement between fans, clubs and sponsors.

For the love of sports

We truly love the magic of the game. Like billions of people on the planet, we believe in the positive impact of sports in communities. Rooting for teams gives us a sense of belonging, boosts our self-esteem and relieves our emotions

The sports industry today.

Covid-19 has hit the industry like a Mike Tyson knockout, but quick actions helped to secure TV’s revenues for short-term survival. But what's to be next?

Before spring 2020, the sports industry was on a constant but moderately paced path to digitalization. The pace has obviously picked up now to find new directions in the fan experience. With the digital transformation rolling in full force, the future fan experience is still in its early childhood.  

Flipmode believes that experience is the one big chance for the entire industry. We can’t have 80.000 at the stadium now, but we have millions of fans across the world desperately in need to connect with your club.

TheFuture.Fan - deeply connected, instantly rewarded and tailored to personal preferences.

TheFuture.Fan increases the fan-to-customer conversion on all communication channels. High quality content is targeted to segmented fan groups and combined with an attractive reward system to deliver real value. The fans of tomorrow expect nothing less  to give their most precious assets - time, loyalty and ultimately budget.

The solution - a hyper-connected digital platform

All club assets like ticketing, arena operations, merchandising, streaming, social media, payments, sponsoring and marketing activities need to become connected amongst each other to gain deep insights into your fanbase.

Mobile Wallet.

The Fan Wallet is the heart of the future fan experience. Let’s start to play.

Open Platform.

Combine the best digital services of the world and customize them to your needs.

Deep Loyalty.

A loyalty and engagement engine to keep the interaction with fans and sponsors meaningful.

Flipmode is your partner of choice to bring platform to life.

1. We are experienced in the scaling up process of digital projects.
2. We believe in the digital potential, but nothing beats real life.
3. We may get obsessed with our projects for the love of it.
4. We like to be challenged and challenge you back.
5. We are enjoyable characters to innovate with.
6. We just love the game of sports too much.

Are you ready to Flipmode?