Retail Rising

The Future of Retail for your brand.

Next generation retail experience.

Retail Rising helps brands to explore innovative ideas with uprising technologies to ride smoothly in the era of new retail. We know the buzz - personalization, endless aisle, seamless checkout, shopstream or cashless just to name a few. But what is the right strategy for your brand? Work with us to match retail trends with the real needs of your customers.

The retail industry today.

What a year for retailers. We can observe a massive acceleration in digital and connected commerce, but brick and mortar is more on the edge than ever.

But have retail power houses taken the necessary steps over the past years to connect the sales channels so that customers can enjoy personalization shopping? Not really.

Nevertheless, looking back at 2020, we will see this year as the largest innovation accelerator for the retail industry in history. And hopefully not the death of retail as we know it.-

Retail Rising- Flipmode's vision for connected and personal retail experiences.

Steering your brand in the future of retail requires a new mindset for real flexibility and true commitment. A post Covid digital retail strategy needs to be as agile and diverse as your customers are. New tech disruptions pop up left and right while it remains complicated to bring innovation in the long established core.

What do your customers really need. For sure, not just another mobile app or 10% discount for a newsletter signup. Your digital strategy needs to closely align with your corporate strategy, culture and values.  And your staff across all departments need to be on the same level of commitment to make this transformation ready.

The solution - connect the old school with the new school.

A good part of the magic is to establish a flexible architecture to make true personalization possible. We are in 2020 and still see many important industry stakeholders protecting their systems like the holy grail. It is time to wake up, because the decade of the APIs is just taking off.


Never stop learning from your customers and reward loyalty and engagement with the perfect, personal offering.


Commit to guarantee a seamless customer experience of highest quality with disruptive tech in store or online.


Use data insights to control and adapt to what is happening in your sales channels. Make sure your staff is ready for it.

Flipmode is your partner of choice to bring your vision to life.

Let’s be clear, no magic omni-whatever-channel-solution will ever exist to solve all your challenges at once. But we can steer the ship continuously in the right direction and co-create something special. We combine your expertise with our endless creativity in digital innovation and customer centered user journeys.

Are you ready to Flipmode?