Power of Payment

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from the war of transaction margins.

Massive acceleration of digital payments.

Since early 2020, we have seen a massive acceleration of digital payments - a shift towards e-commerce, contactless (even in Germany people), instant payments, buy now pay later or loyalty.

Payments in 2021.

Payment in 2021 is more than just moving money - marketplace solutions, instant onboarding, B2B2C credits or loyalty schemes as a few examples.

The platform-as-a-service business model is taking over because it combines a superb customer experience while running efficient on cost of operations.

The whole industry has adopted the pace of change to extend the value chain while new players, such as retailers/merchants, are integrating payments into their own infrastructure.

What is on the horizon for payment insitutions?

Acquirers must evolve by enhancing their product offering or by building scale. The pressure for transaction margins is on, but customers are willing to accept fees for higher authorization rates or improved cart conversions. 

On the Issuers side, mobile wallets are still going strong with the actual payment becoming almost invisible. Today, personal financing, loyalty tokens and digital identities step into the arena to create a customer experience that is finally personal and seamless.

The next big thing in payments.

Watch out for these 3 payment industry trends to establish themselves in 2021.

Tap 2 Phone.

The commitment of card schemes is real to turn every phone into a card acceptance reader.

Hybrid Wallets.

Combine open loop payments with loyalty, identity and mobility services in mobile wallets.

Pay Later.

Flexibility in payment methods will become more important than ever.

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