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FinTech - a crazy liason between regulators and creative minds.

The union of financial services and information technology, or for short FinTech, has been breaking the barrier between financial traditionalism and the future of technology. We are curious, if FinTech will really revolutionize the world of finance for the better. The potential is there, regulators have opened up and even most conservative markets are now ready to adopt.

The FinTech industry today.

In recent years, FinTech has been one of the most well-funded and fast-growing areas for venture capital adventurers in venture capital. The quick rise of FinTech startups was a disruptive response to the shortcomings of the traditional players who sat conveniently on piles of legacy for too long.

But FinTech is not just limited to startups; it also forces corporate giants to follow suit and they have picked up the pace since beginning of 2020.

FinTech is maturing bit by bit, however there is still so much more room for interesting innovation that puts the customer in the centre of attention.

FinTech25- Our vision for an innovative, co-creating and sustainable FinTech world.

Continuous innovation in FinTech services is crucial. Currently all eyes are still on artificial intelligence - driving features like voice recognition, predictive analytics and logical reasoning into the mainstream of banking, lending, financing and payments.

There is a growing importance of forming strong strategic alliances to interconnect services, reach scaling effects and increase revenues. We need an even stronger industry culture that taps the potential of co-creation.

The industry needs to understand its enormous impact on shaping the future of our society. This is a big burden, a big responsibility, but also a huge opportunity to create business models that benefit people and balance sheets alike. 

Hot trends in FinTech today.

We want to highlight some FinTech sectors which will continue to disrupt the industry with their faster, cheaper, and attractive service models. The business imperative is to improve the customer experience by using the magic of coding.


It is on us to create a modern, sustainable financial industry that look at the SDG’s and beyond.

Checkout FinTech4Impact to get a little inspiration on sustainable FinTech.


Commit to guarantee a seamless customer experience of highest quality with disruptive tech in store or online.

Checkout Banxware to get a little lending inspiration.

SME Platforms.

Create a best in class sign-up and data insights module to control what is happening in your customer channels.

Checkout Kopplr to get a little SME platform inspiration.

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