Let’s face it: strategic business development is the fastest way to grow any company. What does it take to expand and future-proof your business?

We say it’s an innovative corporate culture, smooth operations and strategic partnerships that aim for win-win and nothing else.

Whether you’re looking to start a business development unit from scratch or accelerate your current activities - we’ve got your back.

Our experts are here to take your biz dev operations to the next level, leading you out of your comfort zone, into new territories.
Accelerate your business.

We help you grow your business by detecting potential and turning it into opportunities. Let us discover what your next level shall be.

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What we’ll focus on
  1. Strategic partnerships

  2. Storyline creation

  3. New market entries

  4. Pre-Sales initiatives

  5. Product management

How we’ll go about it
  1. Take entrepreneurial ownership

  2. Challenge the core

  3. Apply collaborative mindset

  4. Think sustainably

  5. Tap into our network


Designing products is complex, and it’s even more challenging in the ever-changing digital world that seems to be spinning faster every day.

It requires skills like business analysis, trend research, psychology, marketing, and software development, let alone the aesthetics of design and branding.

Is your product portfolio innovative enough to please the customer demand over the long term? We are your sparring partner in challenging what is creating the new. For future-proof product concepts with sustainable business impact.
Innovation with impact.

We innovate your product portfolio so you can master the digitalization game through a lean-scale up framework. What is your next level in product innovation?

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What we’ll focus on
  1. The whole process from ideation, validation, creation, to the storyline.

  2. UI / UX design of your products from a customer-centric perspective.

  3. Development of proof-of-concepts for a successful market entry.

How we’ll go about it
  1. We apply expertise, methods and drive while leaving room for individuality.

  2. We balance disruptive creativity and business oriented KPIs.

  3. We embrace uncertainty because innovation happens outside the comfort zone.

Are you ready to Flipmode?